A Mother’s Day gift

I’m not one to ask for much in life. I have my beautiful family and that’s all it takes to make me happy 98% of the time. I’m not the woman who is into make up, or hair, or fancy clothes, I’m more of a plane Jane with the little things in life that complete me. I have my amazing boyfriend who if we had the money would be my husband by now. I tell him all the time let’s just go to city hall, he responds with how I deserve so much more and he wants to be able to buy me a beautiful ring. And then I have my two beautiful daughters, Bella from a previous relation ship, and Arya with Steve my current boyfriend. They are 5 years apart and couldn’t be more opposite! Bella is as skinny as a bean pole with light brown hair and brown eyes, Arya is a little chunker with blonde hair and blue eyes. Even their personalities are different to an extent. I am lucky, very lucky to say the least neither of my girls cry, whine yes, but cry no. Bella is very tough and resilient where Arya is a bit more sensitive. Bella is more my princess into all the girly things I know nothing about and scared of bugs. So far with Arya only being 6 months it’s hard to tell right now which kind of a girl she is going to be, but so far she absolutly LOVES the outside.
      Mothers day was coming up and I already knew what I wanted. Every year on mothers day Bella gets a trip to Florida with her grandma. They have done this for the last three years so I already knew the emotions I would face, I didn’t think they would change just because I have another child if anything I believe they got worse because she is more independent now and like most girls thinks she knows everything.

          I looked up at Steve a few days before mothers day and out of no where said “I would like a sleep over with Bells for mothers day.” He just shook his head and said “ok.” Knowing he would be alone all night with the little one I wanted to just double check that he would be ok with it. And being the amazing man he is he had no worries.

          It’s now Saturday, the night before mothers day and Bella got home from her dads. We started out with some dinner and a bath before Steve got home from work. We got out her barbies and played for a bit before he walked in and yells with excitement “Bells you want some ice cream?” “YEAH!!!” She yells. “Awesome! Let’s go make you a dish I got vanilla and sprinkles, would you like some m & m’s on it?” He asks while they both walked into the kitchen to make her bowl. I sit and just think to myself how lucky I am to have these three amazing people in my life.

       They both walked over to the couch, Bella’s bowl of ice cream clenched tightly in her hands as if it’s a barrier treasure she found and it’s only hers, Steve walking over with a dish of chocolate for me. “Belly, do you want to sleep out here with mommy tonight? Well watch a movie while we eat, and then make a bed on the floor for us?” I ask her. “YEAH!” “YAY, YAY, YAay!!!!” She screams. She picks out Mulan and we watch while finishing our ice cream. Bella is not much of a cuddeler so we just hang out and watch for a bit before I get Steve’s help to get some blankets. “Bella, why don’t you go and grab your babies and pillow.” I ask her. With out hesitation and with excitement she comes back with her Cinderella pillow, Cinderella, Ariel, and Mickey mouse stuffed animals and lays them on the floor next to my pillow.

       I’m not much of a night owl, so shortly after my head hits the pillow I fall asleep. What seemed like 15 minutes was really a few hours, I open my eyes and see Steve standing over me, he shows me a picture of Bella and I. She was no where near me ha ha (told you she’s not a cuddeler) so he picked her up and put her under the blankets with me, and something strange happened, she actually cuddled me the whole rest of that night. This is exactly what I wanted just 1-1 time with my oldest and time to cuddle because I don’t get much of that unless it’s from steve or my youngest.


       This was a great night, but now it’s morning time and I only have a few short hours to spend with her before she’s off in the sky in a big plane with her grandma. We wake up. Make some chocolate chipped pancakes and eat together before getting sissy up and feed her. We then spend the day just hanging out when her other grandma (my mom) stops by to enjoy her mother’s day with us girls. We all hang out, grandma goes and plays some hide and seek with bells before coming and cuddling Arya. The time passes by much too quickly. My mom leaves, we load up the car with the girls, myself, and Steve and head over to my dad’s to pick up his girlfriend Lisa, the one taking Bells to Florida with her. She is not quiet my step mom, but she has been with my father for 28 years now and did so much for me during all those years and I trust her with bells hence why she has been able to do this every year with her, and I know bells loves every minute of it.

       It’s gloomy now, a beautiful day turned sad as if it knew I was worried about my baby girl leaving me. I know she will be safe, and Lisa has a lot of help from other family while they are down there but I just think it’s me being a mom, naturally worried and sad because I know I will miss her.

       We get to the airport where we meet Bella’s dad and pregnant girlfriend. We all sit around and talk and take pictures before they have to go through security.


      “It’s time to go Bells.” Lisa announces. “Good give everyone kisses and hugs.” She continued. We all gather around and get our hugs and kisses and then watch her walk through security with her grandma all by herself, usually she is in a stroller, but not this year. She really has grown up and even looks so tall now. “Let’s go babe, she’s now through security, nothing more I can do.” I say to Steve as he grabs my arm and we walk out to the car.


      “Thank you babe, so much! Even though Bella’s getting on the plane now, I still had the best mothers day gift EVER!!!! NO presents needed 🙂 Thanks so much handsome.” I say to him on our ride home. “NO problem baby, now get prepared from Game of Thrones!” He jokes as we drive on.

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